Alphabet City Soup

Alphabet City was a haven for Marxist poets

Who still remembered

Manifestos written in the sweat and tears

Of workers who still had unions

And still had voices and still had souls;

Alphabet City was a village of

Sentient beings who still looked within

For the cosmic bangs of cosmic yins and yangs

That intertwined with all the universal chimes

Ringing with universal rhymes;

Alphabet City was a cavern with Socratic actors

Lost in Greek arenas of Avenue B visions of acidic divisions

Erupting in mental barrages of soulful mirages;

Alphabet City was a carnival of human composers

Reciting Yeats and Mao and Che in

Mellifluent renditions of earthly conditions;

Alphabet City was the core of evolutionary trends

That swept away the revolutionary bends

That stifled the bodies bent over

In seismic quivers of hellish shivers;

Alphabet City were streets flooded with blue pills and red pills

And powdered shit and vials of shit that roasted on spoons

In elegant swoons of addicted babes tottering like broken limbs

In puddles of our alphabet soup.

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