How Do You Create Blacktrumpsupporters…….

Mix in a little paprika, some pepper, some salt, sea salt is best, a clove of garlic, onions, for tears of course, and then some of the tear drops as well, a bit of thyme, and some diced tomatoes…..

Wait… Wait… Wrong Ingredients… My Bad…

Let’s try again….. Mix in a hell of a lot of slavery, shiploads of West-Africans, buried in the hulls of ships, bodies packed like sardines, sleeping in shit, dying in darkness, screaming in rage… Torture our spirits in churches of lies, poison our tongues with foreign words, burn our souls on crosses of Christ… Deny us our spirits, Ancient Legba-Erzulie-Shango spirits, and call our old gods devils, our ancestors demons, our fathers beasts, our mothers whores…. Strip our children away from our chained hands, ship them to deep-south states where blackness is a curse and whiteness the dream… Our beat the courage out of them on Caribbean shores, while shackling their necks with iron necklaces of hate… Turn them into dying fruits on Southern trees…. Convert them again and again in the names of the Colonial Saviors… Jim Crow them into shadows…. Redline them into ghettoes…. Bombard them with heroin and crack… Terrorize them with police brutality and prison… Ship them away to Vietnam graves….. Iraqi deserts… Afghan mountains… So they can kill other Brown children of Lesser-Gods…. And one day…. bit by bit… Allow some to rise… Vent some steam to keep it all from exploding…. Then bring in new slaves, Hispanic slaves…. And tell the old slaves…. Look, here are some niggers more niggerly than you… Then bring the naked emperor willing to throw them some bones…. And before you know it…. Voila…. A whole set of smiling-sambos cheering….. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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