This Has Always Been Our America


Children are being stolen from their parents at the border.  Sons and daughters are being  pulled away from their fathers and mothers.  Some of them to never see their loved ones again.  This is America.

Greyhound buses are being boarded by ICE agents.  People are being asked to show their IDs.  Sidearms ever present.  And if you are not American. You are being removed.  Placed someplace else.  Where you cannot be seen.  Or heard from again.  This is America.

Schools are being visited.  Teachers asked to report foreign accents.  They are being told…. Observe how certain words sound.  Look for the way they tilt their heads.  Report all vermin-like behaviors. This is America.

Cages for babies.  Young boys in prisons.  Daughters never to be seen again.  Who cares people are running away from gang wars from sexual slavery from murder from rape from hunger from suffering from suffering from suffering…  Who cares their countries were all undone by American hands….  IMF… World Bank… CIA…. American hands…. They all broke the law…  This is America.


And how surprised THEY all are… This is Not THEIR America THEY say with tears in THEIR eyes… How could this be happening… This is so foreign to our GREAT NATION…. We who have stood for freedom and democracy and all that shit… How could this be… We who have stood for law and order… This is all surreal they scream.. THEY cry out…  What would George Washington say… Thomas Jefferson… Hamilton… Roosevelt… Eleanor… Oh My God Reagan must be turning over in his grave….

To which I say on behalf of all WOKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS….

GET THE FU.K out of here with that bullshi…..


Our bodies on auction blocks was our introduction to this country… Swinging bodies from Southern trees and Northern light posts has always been our idea of America… F*$k the surprised faces on MSNBC.. The shocked looks on CNN…  We understand FOX better than most…. They have always been our America… Voices cursing us for bending our knees for all the black boys shot in the back in the name of law and order… Hoses firing out at ten year olds on a Selma Bridge… Black skin shredded from bodies being dragged by pickups on dirt roads, pickups with the Confederate flag flying high, as all those black bodies were ripped apart on Southern dirt roads… All our young men locked in slave pens we call prisons… Jailed for crimes other people get tickets for.. Summons for… A wink and a nod for…. Being followed by countless eyes in countless stores in countless cities for being darker than most, browner than most, blacker than most…


And this is why we are not surprised that they are preparing the boxcars for the trains… That there are informers everywhere pointing their fingers… That there are Nazis with torches chanting in the night… That there are KKK solders with guns marching down Southern avenues… That there are politicians taking loyalty tests… That they are preparing military parades.. That hands are saluting the air…  That there are Brown people disappearing… That there is a king without clothes… Being worshipped by the masses…

Because for us…


This has always been America.

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