If Today Was Your Last Day


If I said to you that today would be the last chance you would be able to do anything at all…

Then what would be the things you would choose to do?

Would you take one last ride on a rollercoaster? Dance with your lover or kiss your children good night? Would you tell your boss to go to hell or thank them for having given you the job of your life? Would you eat your favorite dish? Would you hang out with your best friend? Hug your wife? Would you confess your sins to the priest? Have a drink at a bar? Take communion one last time? Would you hang out at a jazz concert? Or play drums with a reggae band? Would you fly to Paris for lunch? Barcelona for dinner? Or Madrid for tapas and a glass of red wine? Would you plant a tree for posterity? Or just because you always wanted to plant a tree? Would you finally go to Africa?  See the slave forts of Senegal?  Touch the soil of your ancestral soul? Would you head home to Jamaica? Or home to Birmingham? Or home to Tokyo? Or home at all? Would you head to Yankee stadium to see the Red Sox get slaughtered? Would you rob a bank so that your family would be set for life? Would you kiss your mom on the cheek and tell her you love her? Would you play ball with your son? Or teach your daughter how to throw a jab? Or tell your dad you finally understand? Would you yell in a library? Or scream in a church? Or laugh at a funeral? Or cry at the sight of a sunrise? Would you ask God for forgiveness? Or tell God she is forgiven? Would you fly to the Grand Canyon? Go shopping n Marrakesh? Would you swim in the Caribbean? Go surfing off of Cape Town? Dive off the cliffs of Rick’s Cafe in Negril? Would you ride a motorcycle in California? A train to the Calcutta? Would you write that last chapter of your book? Blow a saxophone in front of Lincoln Center? Would you dance on a stage?

Would you live a life worth living?

Or would you wait until tomorrow.

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