Your Greatest Treasure Is Your Time….

You wake up to find that there are oh so few hours in a day.. What will you do first?  Is it about coffee, about toast, about the news, about prayer, about meditation or maybe it is above none of the above.  Perhaps, you are about the morning run or biking in the park or a bit of yoga with some inspiring Buddhist chants.  Or you could be about the morning news, finding out which breaking story will excite you just enough to get you going..  And then of course, if you have children, it is all about getting them up, hardly ever an easy task, and then feeding them, making sure they wear the gloves, the hats and the boots, more battles agghhhh… and then getting them on the bus or driving them yourselves and then off to work… Work.. Work… Work… and a little bit of a lunch… then more work, more work, more work….. and then home for more tasks and more battles and if you are married… well depending on your marriage, that is another time consuming story entirely… Finally, the end of the day and some sleep and then you wake up and start all over again….

More than likely, you hardly ever think about how you are using your time, or better yet, how your time is using you… And by the time most people do think about time, much of their life has already passed away.  But what if we started thinking about time right now no matter where we are in our life?  What if we started thinking about every minute of our life as if it was the most precious gift in the world?  This minute I am living is a gift you will say to yourself.  This hour is a blessing.

How different would our life be if we became mindful of the importance of the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years….  How could we not love more, live more, be more…  Instead of running in circles to end up in the same place over and over again, perhaps we would fly in a straight line toward a future that is different from the past we left behind.  You will listen to the world with a more open heart.  Hear the whispers of the angels guiding you through this life.   Walk the pathways the divine lays before you.  Live the life your soul is meant to live.

STOP!  STOP!!  STOP!!! Before it is too late to stop, before you are lying in bed listening to a priest prepare your spirit for the journey home.  Be mindful of the home you have now and BE in that space fully aware of the life you are living now.

Because none of us ever have as much time as we think we have…..  And if you don’t believe me, then ask a dying man if I am right or wrong.  Hanging out with my father a few days before he died, I did.


Also, I would love to hear your thoughts about this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment. You can leave your comment below.

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