The other day I saw a report on some town in Middle America where the residents were upset, because all of their Brown friends were being taken away.   They looked into the camera and asked the country how could this have happened.  We thought Trump was talking about the bad ones one man said.

One brown man who was being taken away was married to a woman who actually voted for Trump.  The wife looked genuinely shocked that ICE was shipping her brown husband back to his birth country.  In her eyes, I could see the question so many decent Trump supporters have… Is this what I voted for.?

The answer is… YES!

You voted for a man who called all Mexicans rapists and you were okay with that.. a man who said he would be fine with police officers abusing suspects… and that was no problem.. a man who spoke with pride about his ability to molest women.. and that was funny to you… a man who knows more about the size of his hand than the size of the deficit..  And you could care less.. And most of all, a man who said he would make America Great Again…  To which all of you said, even the more melanin tinged among you, that this sounds like exactly what is needed…  Despite the fact that the last time I checked, America was never really all that great in the past for people like me.. just saying is all.

But hey no big deal right? You can now go apply for all those jobs you said those Brown people were stealing from you.  You know… All those jobs you are so desperate to do.  You can now become busboys who get paid nothing to clean hundreds of dishes a day and to clear away tables and to wipe down the counters and to take out the garbage and to generally ensure every restaurant in the country stays open.  You can now work in the shadows of every business in the country and thus, ensure that American businesses don’t all shut down.  You can even go into the fields and pick every crop that machines alone cannot gather up for the Capitalist belly of the American economic beast. And while you are at it, why not work every other dirty job you were hungry to get before the Brown people invaded your American homeland.

It’s going to be great.  Pretty soon you can do everything you never did before… I can see it now.  The long line of Middle Americans lining up to wash cars, to cut grass, to paint houses, to clean homes, to tend to the elderly, to raise other people’s children, to pick apples and oranges and lemons and grapes and this and that and everything else, to do it all, absolutely all that people from “Shithole” countries do for you now…

So don’t be so sad about all your Brown friends disappearing, because this is your chance to shine.  I tell you, it will be AWESOME!!!! And when you are done taking the jobs Brown people have been relegated to for centuries, then you can look to the other people of color you have been sucking dry for time immemorial, all the yellow and black and red people-jobs, all the crayola-darker-colored-people-jobs of the universe.  Yes Man, you can kick them out of the country too and return them to the “Shitholes” they came from.  And once you do that, then there will never be a problem looking for jobs again.

And if you are really lucky, maybe you can even get jobs in the Trump hotels.  You know those jobs, the ones your president shipped brown people in from all those “Shithole” countries to do, before he became your president and promised to make America Great Again.


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