America Stepping Into Madness…

Some think the world is just now going mad and that before these “mad” times, there was a semblance of sanity in place.  They believe that the fact that You Know Who is the  president is in and of itself the greatest sign of the lunacy enveloping the world.  And if that is not proof enough that we have collectively lost our minds,  they will then say, then just look around you…

  • North Korea is threatening to destroy the United States with one or two missiles that don’t even always fly straight… Alabama is about to elect a child molester….. Trump supporters, who are mostly working class and just plain poor, are supporting a president who is going to tax the hell out of them so as to let the One Percent pay nothing at all… The EPA is being stripped of its power to protect the environment… Our president is tweeting racist videos to his followers… Republicans are about to increase the deficit… The head of the Dept. of Education believes in the stripping away of the power of public education… Journalists are being labelled as False Media when they tell the truth about power… Cops are being told it is okay to bang the heads of suspects when they place them in squad cars… Neo-Nazis are being validated by the Potus… Allies are being vilified… Enemies honored… Muslims are being demonized… War Heroes are being ridiculed… Etc…….

So of course, according to this reasoning, how can one not believe that we are losing our minds? Unless of course, some of us saw the madness of the nation long before we elected this president.  For example….

  • The genocide of entire nations of Native peoples… The Many Trails of Tears this land wept for its tortured children… The enslavement of a continent of people to satisfy the needs of America’s Democratic Dream… the economic conquest of the Americas to feed the Capitalist Beast… The lynchings of countless Black bodies… All our many limbs hanging from all those many Southern branches… The plundering of mountains and valleys and rivers and streams and everything of the earth to steal away the minerals of God from the Belly of Creation… The execution of Brown Heroes by agents of the state…. the doping of our people to benefit politicians and mobsters… the burning down of Bronx tenements so as to line the pockets of monsters… the appropriation of Black neighborhoods to build highways and byways… the bombs dropped from the sky on Oklahoma Black Main Streets…  The countless Rosewoods burned down to the ground… the truths stolen from the pages of History so as to make room for all the American myths… The ghettoization of our communities and our minds… the… the…. the….

Which means that we have been Mad from inception.  Yet, I do feel sorry for those of you just now discovering we live in a madhouse.  It must be quite disturbing waking up one day and realizing the country you are living is not quite well.  And who knows?  Maybe if my skin was a bit less Brown, I would be running around like many or you are now, raging with your editorials, your news shows, your political proclamations, your rallies, your everything, about how terrible it is, how horrendous, how apocalyptic, how… how… how… That our great Democracy has taken a turn for the worse…

But since my America and yours have never really been the same place, there is no evidence to support the argument for me that America has suddenly lost its mind… You see, as far as I can tell, America has never been quite the sane place you imagined it to be!

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