You Are Human.. And So Am I

You are human.. didn’t you know.. you have as many faults as all the others.. you trip over your own feet and your own words at times.. you can be strong when others are weak same way you can be weak when everyone else is strong.. and you are no better than any other human being.. the cruelest and most petty person is equal to you in ways you cannot even imagine.. because all souls come from the same assembly line of souls.. the conditions of your life shapes your character in the same way the conditions of the lives of others shape their characters… so don’t think you cannot learn from others.. because they are masters of surviving the ongoing twists and turns of a life that is conpletely theirs in every way… everyone is bigger than you..  everyone is smaller… the same.. the same.. the same… and until we all understand this.. we will always sit in judgement of others.. when in truth, the only person we should ever really judge.. Is Ourselves 

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