The Elephant In The Room America Never Sees

Some people just don’t like the truth.  You can point to an elephant and if they believe it is a dog, that the gray animal with a trunk is no more than a mutt on steroids, a mutated doberman or maybe even an alien pug, then they will do everything in their power to not only hold on to that belief, but to convince you that you are insane for thinking there is even such a thing as an elephant.  “An elephant,” they will say in shock!!! “How insane are you???!!!”

Maybe that is a bit extreme, but the point is this… there are people in the world who are nuts enough to think that as long as they believe a thing, then the belief alone is enough to make it true.  And if you don’t believe me, just look at the country we live in.. The United States of America.  Everything around us is myth and every myth around us is seen as fact!  We need only look at the factual myths that make up the American Story.

  • The only fault with George Washington was that he told a lie about an apple tree. Fact: Not only was he a slave owner, but after the war for Independence, he fought tooth and nail to get slaves the English helped free, his included, back into into slavery.
  • That Thomas Jefferson was not only brilliant, but that he was also a sentimental romantic who fell in love with Sally Hemings.  When in truth, his love was based off of an insane power dynamic between slave owner and slave, between grownass-man and a young-girl.
  • That Andrew Jackson was an American Hero who helped to make this country great.. When in fact he was responsible for a genocide of Native Americans on a scale that would make Hitler proud.
  • That Columbus was divinely destined to discover America and civilize the Native Savages.  When in truth, like Cortez and all the other Great Explorers, Columbus was a real piece of work.  The man raped his way through the Caribbean and worked the indigenous people of the region to death.. And when he wasn’t working them to death, he and his friends were feeding them to their hounds for sport.
  • That it makes sense to support the Confederate flag and to long for the Genteel Confederate South without longing for the abduction of black bodies from Africa, the selling of those black bodies on auction blocks, the brutalization of those black bodies on plantations, the exploitation of those Black bodies on every inch of American soil,  the lynching of those black bodies from American trees, the pillaging of the souls in those Black bodies through Christian verses about Cain and Abel, the dumbing down of those black bodies in American schools, the chaining down of those black bodies in American Prisons, the assassination of those black bodies on American city streets, the… the … the…
  • That Black people in America have no one to blame for their impoverished states of being other than themselves.  When in truth we suffer because of institutionalized racism, because of the legacy of slavery, because of every day acts of hate, because of it all, the American-All of Race and Oppression.
  • That America is great because of how hard we, the American people work, especially when compared to how other people in the world work.  That we are the greatest nation in the world and that no other nation in the world even comes close to how great we are… but if we look at how America became wealthy we find more stories about exploitation and imperial conquests than we do about American ingenuity and hard work.
  • That America has done more for democracy and freedom in the world than any other country in the world… When the truth is that we have perhaps helped to assassinate and or assassinated ourselves more democratically elected leaders than any other nation in the world.. that we have destabilized more democracies than any other nation in the world… that we have supported more dictators than any other nation in the world…. that we have ….. that we have…..

In other words, people don’t give a shit about the truth if that truth stands in the way of their myths that make them feel GREAT…. And especially now when we have a president who stands on the mountain top yelling out to the world, We Are The Greatest In the World, Have Always Been the Greatest In The World, And Will, Under My Leadership, Become Even Greater In The Future…. Especially with a president like this, who the hell cares about the elephant in the room!?


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