Things I learned when staying at the hospice with my father

Things I learned when staying at the hospice with my father…

  1. 7 Eleven has incredible coffee (inexpensive as well).. their Brazilian roast is insane.. who knew???
  2. My dad and I both love the Yankees
  3. My dad doesn’t so much as hate the Mets as he simply doesn’t acknowledge their existence
  4. 7 Eleven has the best hot dogs in the city for less than 3 dollars
  5. At some point, dying people can no longer walk
  6. The only time my father watched TV was when the Yankees were playing
  7. There will be days when dying people will forget they are dying
  8. They will ask you to help them make the Great Escape
  9. Dying people crack the best jokes
  10. Bodies can die slowly
  11. 7 Eleven sells cheeseburgers
  12. My dad will tell the nurse that we have to leave because, according to him, he has to take me to the movies
  13. The nurse has to remind my dad that he is too sick to leave the room
  14. Nurses at hospices are angels
  15. Death has a smell
  16. It’s hard to sleep in the same room as someone who is dying
  17. My father can identify jazz and blues performers even as he is gasping for air
  18. I hate people who visit and look at me as much as they look at my dad
  19. Aaron Judge is a Baseball God
  20. My father was angry with death
  21. He screamed out one night with bitterness and rage
  23. My favorite food is Jamaican food
  24. Seeing a loved one dying will change you forever
  25. My father’s favorite food is Jamaican food
  26. My dad is always asking me if I ate
  27. All my dad wants to listen to at night, when he is alone, is the FAN Sport’s Radio
  28. He says he likes it because it makes him feel like he is not alone
  29. Most dying people don’t want to die
  30. No one dies the way the movies depict people dying
  31. My father didn’t want me to ever leave his side
  32. There were times when I really had to leave his side
  33. 7 Eleven sells spicy chicken wings
  34. There will be days, especially toward the end, when the tears will fall
  35. People will ask if you are okay
  36. The nurses, for the most part, won’t ask if you are okay
  37. They already know the answer to that question
  38. Hospice food has no taste
  39. The holy person will come and ask if you need any holy help
  40. My dad will tell the holy man to get out of his room
  41. Sitting next to a dying person is not easy.. Sitting next to a dying person that you love is harder than that..
  42. My father is more American than Jamaican… Also, My father is more Jamaican than American..
  43. Dead people fill up the room of loved ones who are dying
  44. Dying people talk more to the dead than to the living
  45. Every day brings another opportunity to cry
  46. I was never alone when sitting with my dad… even when I was alone
  47. 7 Eleven is open 24 hours
  48. 7 Eleven sells toothpaste
  49. Death has a sound
  50. My father’s lungs sounded like they were drowning
  51. Nurses know when the end is near
  52. If you are not there, they will call you and say the end is near
  53. You will run from wherever you are to get there in time.
  54. You will not always get there in time
  55. Dying people don’t always want their loved ones around when they are getting ready to go
  56. At some point, dying people die
  57. Dead people are cold
  58. At some point you will see them wrap up the body
  59. You will sit in the room alone for a minute
  60. No matter how old you are, you will feel like a child
  61. No matter how old you are, you will never feel like a child again
  62. Gather up his things
  63. Look around one last time
  64. And then go home


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