Cphimamanda Ngozi Adichie… No Longer our Hero?

In response to so many “People of Color” turning on this writer because she said something they don’t’ agree with….

Perhaps, this is what happens when the “radical black woman” actually has one or two or maybe even three, God forbid, opinions that are contrary to your own… when she is as complex a human being as the characters in the pages of her book.. when she speaks her mind regardless of who she offends… when she is far more than the person we not only imagine her to be, but that we demand her to be… when she is a free thinker whose thoughts cannot be restricted either by the minds of the colonizers or the minds of the colonized… so many times, we as people of color, especially in the West, have these ideas about what it means to be a “Radical Free Thinker”. And when someone strays from the ideological pack that we believe they should be a part of, we immediately turn our backs on them… but that is okay, because “Radical Free Thinkers” are just that.. Radical and Free.. and long after the people who judge and critique them are forgotten, they will be remembered.. and not just for how they created their brilliant pieces of literature.. but also for their how they created their brilliant lives…

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