We Used To Ride Boards From One End Of The City To The Next…

We used to ride our boards in the city….

Back in the days when people could still sit on the park grass… We used to spin the cube at Astor Place before they stopped it from spinning… Jumping curbs and riding city waves, we used to race from South Street to Sutton Place at one in the morning, just to feel the city air… Without yellow cabs and city buses getting in our way…  Surfing on our boards down the hill at York… By the rundown piers along the West Side Highway… Deep into the Chinatown alleys… Near the cage on West 4th street….  Stopping to eat at Around The Clock by St. Mark’s Place… Or Wonton Garden on Mott… Or BBQs on University Place… We used to ride to 8th Street to see the cool guys with their Jettas and Jeeps and Accords and Hurricane Motorcycles on display… With all the hot girls smiling at us from the passenger seats.. Before the cops stopped teenagers with fast cars from hanging out on city streets… We used to hang out at the Saint nightclub before sneaking into the Tunnel… We used to shoot pool at Julians so we could hustle Yuppies with  their fancy cue sticks… We used to smoke cigarettes on Tar Beach and drink shots in Avenue A bars… We used to do tricks on Wall Street.. Under the shadow of the Downtown Bull… We used to play chess with ancient Ukrainian men with grey beards and old eyes…. We used to get into fights in Tompkin’s Square Park.. In those days when there was a city called Tent City in Tompkins  Square Park… We used to watch bonfires burning in the middle of Avenue A… Back in the days when Socialists still lived in the Lower East Side…  And fought wars against Giuliani’s Brown shirts…. We used to hear rock bands in CBGBs… Listen to comedians in the dry water fountain in Washington Square… Eat Sushi at Dojo’s…  We used to see fireworks in front of Veniero’s… In those days when the mob could still stop traffic to light up the 11th street sky with thousand dollar rockets… We used to party at Block Parties in Alphabet City.. With giant woofers blasting Salsa and Rap from the East Side to the West..

And throughout it all… We used to ride from one end of the city to the next… Learning what it means to be alive…


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