What If Your Child Felt Unsafe At School…….

What if your child went to school hungry, and not only hungry for food, but also hungry for love? And on their way to school, they had to navigate the different warzones of their neighborhoods. What if while on the city bus, they had to try to make themselves small enough so that no one would pay them too much attention? This is because on the bus rides back and forth from school it is better go unnoticed. What if when your child got to school, they had to wait on long lines outside the school building, on hot days and cold days alike, to allow for the metal detectors to check for any weapons? What if once inside the building, they had to find a way to make their bodies large and small at the same time? They had to be small enough not to get seen and singled out for shit, but large enough to let people know that they aren’t going to take any mess. What if your child sat in a class with thirty other students, all of them trying to survive same way as your child, all of them as scared of each other as they are of the streets? What if your child had to eat in cafeterias where chaos reigned, where fights could break out over a look, and where adults blamed your child, and all the other children, for the fact that they could not control the madness? What if some adults tended to scream at your child more than listen and tended to judge more than understand? What if your child could never hear the lessons because some teachers were busier trying to manage the class than trying to teach the class? What if your child connected to a great teacher, was inspired by that teacher, loved by that teacher, cared for by that teacher, but due to school budget cuts, halfway through the school year, that teacher had to leave? What if your child had to run home to avoid seeing kids getting their heads stomped on the city sidewalks… And what if your child had to do it all over again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and……..

Maybe if All Of Our Children went through this, we would never allow Any Child to go through this!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment.



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