Don’t Make Yourself Small In Any Space!

Why dim your light because people around you choose to live in the dark?  Why pretend to know nothing when surrounded by people who think they know everything?  Why surrender your soul because people around you refuse to honour their own?  Why skate by in life when you can fly?

In life, it seems easy to be less in a world that rejects people who want to be more.  The minute you shine, there will always be some people who want to put a target on your back and claim you are the source of all things wrong.  When you are quiet and you keep to yourself or at least when you interact with the world by simply playing along with the agenda of the day, then all is good.  It is when you say something unsaid, something that sometimes has to be said, and something that shows you will not follow along with everyone around you, simply because it is the easy thing to do, it is then that all hell breaks loose.

You can choose to not rise in any space in your life.  You can choose to sit in a room and say nothing, while some idiot says some idiot thing and other people agree, not because they really agree, but because it is easier to agree than to disagree.  After all, it is not like you were put on this earth to enlighten people on any subject matter.  We can all leave that job to the Saints of the world, the Holy-Holy types, the Biblical-Prophet ones, all of whom were supposedly sent to this world to bring us closer to a divine state.  And God knows most people like thinking they are the big people in the room, so why say or do anything to make them think otherwise?

Except, that every time we choose not to speak or not to act in a way that is authentic to who and what we are and thus make ourselves smaller so as to not disrupt the order of things, then we are allowing others, who may not really be big enough, to run spaces they were not meant to run.  These spaces can be household spaces, professional spaces, religious spaces, community spaces and or even, government spaces.  How many times have you seen people in charge of spaces where you just shake your head and think, Really, I mean really, someone put that guy in charge of this?

And let’s be clear, when you do step to the plate, it should be your heart and spirit that stands tall and not your EGO!  The people running things that have no business running anything in the world are the ones who are operating from their egos, not from their hearts.  And in the name of their egos, they have done some serious damage to the world. These are the people who refuse to admit their own faults but have no problem pointing out the faults of others.  They blame everyone around them for why things don’t work, but would never, God Forbid, say they have anything to do with the broken systems they are ultimately responsible for.  And because they operate from a place of ignorance, it should be no surprise that they do ignorant things.

Do you really believe that everyone in Germany hated the Jews to the point where they truly wanted to exterminate every single last one of them?  It is more likely that many people were against this horrific act, but that most of them, who could have spoken up sooner, chose not to, and by the time they did speak, it was too late.  When the Japanese-Americans were interned in camps like war prisoners, some of whom even had sons fighting in the war against the Japanese, there must have been many people who thought it wrong, yet chose to simply go along with what President Roosevelt thought was a good idea.  When one or two “Founding Fathers”, if truly that many, spoke up against slavery as they crafted the American Constitution, and yet gave in to the majority opinion by the time they had signed the document, they were just as responsible for the millions of men, women and children who suffered and died as everyone else.  When family members sit back knowing that a relative is abusing his wife or his children, verbally or emotionally or physically, and they do nothing, though one or two of them probably have the strength and the power to stop them if they would only step up the plate and do the right thing, then they are as much to blame for the abuse as the abuser. Because, you don’t get to say you are innocent just because you stood on the sidelines.  Every death, every form of suffering, every injustice, is as much on your hands, our hands, as it is on the hands of those we allowed to lead spaces they had no business leading!

I have this theory that all of us have far more potential to live large and powerful lives than we want to admit, and yet we still end up being small in many spaces.  I think this is because it is easier to pretend that we can’t really affect others, and therefore cannot really affect change, than to believe we can.  By living smaller lives than we were meant to live, we can skate by in a world that, to be honest, can be dangerous for those who choose to speak up and act up, who choose to not live small lives just because God has given us the power to live large and powerful lives.  Who wants to go down with a ship, any ship, when we can cling to a life raft and, God willing, hopefully make it to shore?  We are all just trying to survive?  Right?  Except for those of us who are trying to live!  And if we are trying to live, then we must live the lives we were not only meant to live, but the lives we have a right to live.

How terrible it would be, if in our personal lives, we did not step up and speak up or act up to lead spaces where we can affect positive change?  How terrible it would be if we did the same thing in our other spaces as well?  Because it is one thing to talk about the wrongs that people allowed to take place in the past, because they chose to be silent, to live small, but something else entirely when we sit back, in our times, and allow others to step up and do things that we must never allow.  And I think, though I pray I am wrong, that now, especially now, we must all refuse to be small in a world that demands not only our attention, but our action.  Because not for nothing, the people who are operating from their egos, the ones who, many times, are the ones “running things”, if nothing else, are not scared of stepping up to the plate and affecting change.  So if they are not scared, why should we be?

And one last thing, I believe that when you stand up from a place of courage, and also a place of trying to do the right thing in life, that you never really stand alone, that a greater force, a divine force, stands with you, and whether you see the final outcome of your actions or not, that in the end, they will make a difference.  Because, really, do any of us want to be the people who just skate by in life and allow the madness of those people, who have no business “running things”, to run things, all things, right into the ground?

I mean, come on, do any of us really believe that we were put on this earth to only skate by?  Because if you do, then all I can say  is good luck.  I hope you make it to the shore.  Just close your eyes to anyone drowning around you as you float by, because I wouldn’t want you to see anything you may not be able to forget, anything that may upset you a bit, anything like a concentration camp or two, a genocide here or there, and or a relative being abused.  No… No… Who would want to see anything like that?



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