Why Do You Write….



Do you write to be heard?  To be seen?  To be known? Is there a deep childhood trauma you are working out on the page?  Are you trying to tell the truth about the history of man or about the history of you?  Are you telling a love story?  A mystery?  A western adventure?  Do you plan to be wealthy and famous? Will they know you from TV shows or Broadway plays or 3d blockbuster films?  Or are you writing so people won’t know you exist? Are you writing to breathe, to love, to hate, to be…. Is there a story you have to write because you were born with one inside of you or because someone put one there?  Are you looking for approval from people who know you or from people who don’t or from no one at all or from you?  Did you see death up close as a child or as a teenager or as a young adult or as you now?  Are you passionate about religion or race or politics or are you just passionate about passion? Do you write to be free of your life or to be freed from the lives of others around you?  Do you love the sound of words, even if they are not your own?  Do poetic turns of sentences excite you?  Does a line from Emerson inspire you or anger you?  When you first read Baldwin did you have an opening of the heart or a closing of the mind?  When you experienced Marquez did you see God or did God see you? Do you write because your father wrote or because your mother is a writer or because no one in your family knows how to read?  Do you write because your father burned books in Germany along with other things?  Do you write because your great grandmother was born a slave while you are under the illusion that you were born free?  Do you write because you once saw a poem by Byron that did something to your soul?  Do you write because you have no rhythm in your limbs but can Salsa dance on the page?  Do you write because it lets you scream without opening your mouth? It lets you run without moving your feet or because it lets you live without living?  Do you write because your father was missing or present, a nine to five man or a homeless man, or just because your father was your father?  Do you write to be better than yourself or better than others or because you don’t think anyone is better at all? Do you write to say hello to a lover or to say goodbye?  Do you write to make amends for a wrong you have done to others or for a wrong that was done to you?  Do you write to remember or to forget?  Do you write because you can see the stories the same way some people can see the dead and because there are things that, once seen, cannot be unseen? Do you write to fill a void or to become the void?  Or do you write to tell her that you will never stop loving her even though she is gone?  That he will be in your heart always though he is dead… That she never left your side even though you abandoned her…  That you tried to be a better father but didn’t know how…  That you are going to be a better son as soon as the words run out… That you will be that daughter she always wanted you to be be but she herself never was…  

Or do you write to make love to the world…

Or do you write to tell the world, and everything about the world and everything there ever was about the world and ever will be about the world, to go to hell?

Or do you write to be alive…

Or maybe you don’t write at all?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment.








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